3 Of The Most Stunning Elopement Locations Around the World

If you're considering eloping, we have some good news for you: there are endless elopement locations around the world that are absolutely stunning. In this blog post, we'll share some of our favourites with you so that you can start planning your dream elopement. 

Banff National Park, Canada

Whether you're looking for glaciers, snow-capped mountains, or pristine forests, Banff National Park in Canada has it all. Located in the Canadian Rockies, this national park is a popular spot for both winter and summer elopements. 

If you decide to elope here in the winter, your photos will be absolutely breathtaking against a backdrop of snow and ice. And if you decide to elope in the summer months, you'll be treated to wildflower meadows, glacial lakes, and picturesque waterfalls. No matter what time of year you choose to elope, Banff National Park is sure to take your breath away. 

Queensland, Australia

For couples who want to feel like they're on their own private island, Queensland, Australia is the perfect spot to elope. With its endless beaches, lush rainforests, and Great Barrier Reef—not to mention its incredible warm weather—it's easy to see why so many couples choose to say their vows here. 

There are countless amazing places to elope in Queensland, but one of our favourites is Fitzroy Island. This small tropical island is located just off the coast of Cairns and is only accessible by ferry. Once you're on the island, you'll feel like you're a million miles away from everything—which makes it the perfect place to start your life together as husband and wife. 

Santorini, Greece

Who doesn't dream of getting married in Greece? With its blue-domed buildings, stunning cliffsides overlooking the ocean, and gorgeous sunsets, it's no wonder Santorini is such a popular choice for couples who want to elope. 

Santorini is an ideal spot for couples who want a romantic and luxurious elopement experience. There are plenty of high-end hotels and resorts located on the island where you can spend your honeymoon suite after saying "I do." Not to mention there are countless incredible restaurants where you can celebrate your new marriage with a romantic dinner for two overlooking the Caldera. 

There are so many amazing places in the world to elope—these are just three of our favorites! Wherever you decide to say your vows, we hope it's somewhere that's meaningful to you and your partner. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness!